Finding the ‘real’ Peru

On any adventure the fun things that happen on the journey are as important (and some times more surprising and fun) than what happens at the destination. I’m hoping Machu Picchu lives up to the destination hype tomorrow morning, but today (Saturday) Zoë and I have had a fabulous time getting to Aguas Calientes, the... Continue Reading →

Acclimatising to Altitude

Our overnight bus journey turned into an adventure. The bus was an hour late leaving Nasca — we didn’t depart until 12.30am. Needless to say we were both exhausted by the time we took off. Luckily we had booked the big, plush seats that reclined 160 degrees, with leg rests, blankets and pillows. At least... Continue Reading →

Nasca – A Mystery in the Desert

The Nasca Lines, dated between 500BC and 500CE, are a series of giant geoglyphs in the Peruvian Nasca desert. Modern scientists started studying them in the 1940s and a German mathematician, Maria Richer is acknowledged as the woman who devoted her life to the preservation and study of these ancient lines. Because of Maria’s work,... Continue Reading →


Our first 72 hours in Peru have been fantastic. I’m already in love with this country and the people here. We spent Sunday night in Lima, getting our bearings, trying (unsuccessfully) to sleep and buying a few basics like a SIM card for my phone and bus tickets for our onward journeys. I had been... Continue Reading →

‘Age-appropriate’? Who cares??

“Mum, you can’t buy that. It’s too young for you.” I was shopping with my eldest daughter in her favourite surf shop. She was looking at bikinis. I was looking at jumpers (sweaters for my North American friends). “What?? How is this too young for me?” “It just is.” We proceeded to have a hilarious... Continue Reading →


We all want to belong. Belong somewhere or with someone. Finding where or who we belong with drives many people to distraction their whole life. Others, like flowers in a garden, seem to belong where they were planted. That sense of belonging was discussed at length at the writers festival. In a book, does belonging... Continue Reading →

Finding my voice

In the months immediately following my separation, I had laryngitis three times. My throat hurt all the time and I lost my voice. My Reiki practitioner put it down to me finally speaking my truth. According to her, I hadn't exercised my voice in years. How did I lose my voice? When did I stop... Continue Reading →

Reflections on two days of writing

I know I just posted a couple of days ago. And I try to not post too often and clog up reader’s inboxes. But I’m at a Writer’s Festival. I’m writing. Words are flowing and stories are being written. I can’t stop. I’m meeting wonderful people with gorgeous, rich stories overflowing with meaning and life.... Continue Reading →

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