Home is Where My Heart Is

“So where’s home?” It’s a question I’m asked frequently and each time it kind of throws me. Most recently it was asked of me in Western Australia by people I met as I traveled around the south western corner of the country. It throws me because for the past 14 years I’ve lived in Canberra.... Continue Reading →

Grateful for my friends

For the past week I’ve walked the Cape to Cape Trek in Western Australia. A 135km trek along the south-western most corner of Australia, along the Indian Ocean. I walked the Cape to Cape to raise awareness and much needed funds for The Gidget Foundation. The money raised by me and the small team of... Continue Reading →

The masks we wear

Another Halloween is done and dusted except for putting all the decorations away. For years I’ve thrown parties for friends and for my girls and their friends. This year was no exception. Our parties have become a bit legendary and are a mix of fun, dressing up, and silliness, tossed with a bit of gruesome... Continue Reading →

My mental health journey

I’ve just come in from going for a walk. It’s spring here in Canberra – the trees are starting to green up, the pollen count is through the roof, the days are sunny and warm and as I walk through the forest trails near my house I am accosted by the sounds of birds all... Continue Reading →

The cave of fears

Today I’m an artist. I’ve had some of my paintings accepted for an exhibition that opens on Saturday and I’m madly finishing them off, attaching D rings to the backs, signing them and packaging them for transport so I can deliver them to the gallery. I’m freaking out. Just ask my friend Sam, who I’ve... Continue Reading →


The backpacks are unpacked. Laundry finished. Passports put away. Hiking boots back in the cupboard. Coming home from a big trip can be a bit surreal. To re-enter ‘normal’ life after having the kind of adventures I’ve had for the past few weeks can feel like a bit of a let down. I feel changed... Continue Reading →

A Feast for the Senses

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to travel. How I believe travel feeds the mind, body and soul. But sometimes travel, meeting new people, having new experiences, isn’t enough. Sometimes I need real food to feed me too. Traveling with coeliac disease can be difficult. It can be downright impossible to find... Continue Reading →

An Amazon adventure

I started my career straight out of university as a communications assistant for World Wildlife Fund in Washington, DC. Bottom of the totem pole in the department when I started, I ended up working for the organisation for five years and when I left, was the Communications Manager for WWF-Australia. Working for a global conservation... Continue Reading →

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