One tribe

One week into my new job and my mornings are starting to become routine. Get up at 5.45am, make a coffee and then get online by 6am. 6am in Canberra is 2pm in Cusco, Peru where my office is located. I’ve been getting up early so I can participate in team conference calls and return... Continue Reading →


Remember that feeling of floating; that first time you actually managed to float on your back in the river/lake/ocean/pool/wherever you learned to float? I remember it quite clearly. My dad had hold of me and kept telling me not to struggle. To just lay back and let the water hold me. I didn’t believe him... Continue Reading →

Sisters of Synergy

  It’s 15 October and I’ve reached the halfway point of Blogtober or Blahtober, depending on your perspective. Thanks for coming along on the ride so far. This whole thing started 15 days ago when friend and fellow blogger, Kristina Garla decided to join me in a challenge to write 31 posts over 31 days... Continue Reading →

Playing favourites

If you’ve been following along with my posts this Blogtober and reading each one for the past 13 days you’ll know that my life is a bit crazy at the moment. A bit crazy. That’s an understatement. So much is going on at the moment that sometimes I think my head might just explode. As... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry

It’s been a crazy week in our household. Between deciding to take the job in Peru, giving notice on my house, trying to sell my car, finding out when our Australian citizenship ceremony will be held, starting the new job, not sleeping due to my ongoing chronic back issues, having my eldest daughter trialling for... Continue Reading →

Safe Haven

The flower and event studio where my eldest daughter works recently had a launch party to which I was invited. I arrived on the Friday night only knowing two other guests other than my daughter and her boss, the owner of the studio. The party was attended by current corporate clients of the studio, other... Continue Reading →

Who Runs the World? Girls?

This afternoon I watched as a young girl (probably around 10 years old) danced her way down the aisles of my local supermarket. Just watching her made me smile. She was all about the music in her head and danced freely and joyfully with pure abandon and total disregard for her surroundings. As I left... Continue Reading →

The Elephant in the Room

Today is World Mental Health Day. Mental health is an issue that’s close to my heart as most people who read this blog know. You followed along with me as I walked the Cape to Cape track in Western Australia last year to raise money and awareness of antenatal and postnatal depression. I’ve written about... Continue Reading →

Days of Awe

Yesterday’s blog post was my most widely read post since I started this blog. I am quite awed by the reach of the post and by the lovely comments and messages sent to me on the blog, through Facebook and by text and phone calls. I’ve had messages of support and best wishes for this... Continue Reading →

My next big adventure

“The big question is whether you will be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” - Joseph Campbell Today I negotiated the contract for the job of my dreams. It involves travel, adventure, writing, business strategy, marketing and working with traditional indigenous healers. In my new job I will work with some of... Continue Reading →

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