I am emerging. Emerging and rejoining the world. I spent a lot of time in the past five years shrinking my world. Shedding things and ideas that no longer served me. I shrunk my huge circle of acquaintances around the world and focused on spending time with people who brought joy to my life. My... Continue Reading →

Being Brave

With two girls in our household there is no way we could avoid the Disney princesses. I would watch the various movies with the girls and grit my teeth as time and time again, princess after princess waited around like some limpet to be ‘rescued’ by a prince. When the movie Brave came out, I... Continue Reading →

It takes a village…

In some countries of the world, including here in Australia, today is Mother’s Day. This is my 18th Mother’s Day. What a different day today is from the first one. At that time my eldest was only a few days old (Mother’s Day is the first Sunday in March in England where we were living... Continue Reading →

Taking things slow

I’ve never been someone who does things slowly. I grew up in a house where both of my parents were race car drivers and my brother rode motorcross. A need for speed was ingrained in me from an early age. (Along with a love of the smell of a race track. ;-)) For most of... Continue Reading →

A ‘perfect’ Christmas

“Are you ready for Christmas already”? The check out guy at the supermarket asked me this question on Friday afternoon looking at my meagre three items on the conveyor belt whilst everyone around me would have been hard pressed to be in an dedicated 100 items or less lane. “Nope. I haven’t even started.” He... Continue Reading →

Seasons of my life

As the year starts to wind down and school finishes for my daughters, we all feel a certain freedom in our household. It’s almost summer holidays. We spent this past weekend making Christmas cookies, seeing friends, hanging out — just enjoying summer and all it offers. Last night we went to the Sunset Cinema at... Continue Reading →

The Ripple Effect

Yesterday I had a call from one of my closest friends. She lives in New Zealand and we try to talk once a week or so. Despite us having very different lifestyles, it never seems to fail that whatever is happening in my life seems to be a mirror for her and/or vice versa. It’s... Continue Reading →

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