Running on empty

Since June, I’ve been running on empty. The fuel gauge of my internal energy levels was flashing orange, the needle on the gauge was below empty and I was almost at a standstill. I could coast a ways, but if one more big hill presented itself in my path, I couldn’t have surmounted it. I... Continue Reading →

The Power of Poetry

I have been a wordsmith my entire life and yet, not a poet. Despite this fact, poetry is often where I turn when life becomes the most uncomprehensible. And this past year has been fairly uncomprehensible in anyone’s book. And so today, I offer three beautiful poems from three different poets and a bit of... Continue Reading →

Lost for words

‘Hey Lisa happy new year! I noticed you haven’t blogged for a while - is everything ok?’ I received this text yesterday morning from a friend, and as I looked at it, I wondered how on earth to reply to him. In fact, he sent it more than 36 hours ago and I still haven’t... Continue Reading →

A strange destiny?

This week I learned the etymology of a word I’ve used for years: the word, ‘weird’. Weird. That thing that you definitely don’t want to be labeled in junior high school. Or really, anytime in your life when you don’t want to stand out from the crowd. Weird. An apt word for today, Halloween; a... Continue Reading →

Life magic

My house is decorated in skeletons, bats, spiders, zombies and witches in the lead up to tomorrow’s Halloween. Every year for the past 18 years I’ve hosted a Halloween party of some sort. It was a tradition we started in England the year my eldest was one and continues today. Halloween is one of my... Continue Reading →

When nothing goes to plan

Saturday morning. I woke up with a beautiful plan for the day. Start with an early morning coffee on my deck in the sun. Have breakfast with my daughters before they headed to their dad’s for the next week. Jump on a quick conference call with my office that wouldn’t last more than half an... Continue Reading →

Growing into myself

“How long have you lived in Australia?,” asked the Justice of the Peace as he certified some documents for me today. “Almost fifteen years, this time,” I replied. “But I lived here in the early 1990s for a couple of years too, before moving to the UK and living there for nine years.” He shook... Continue Reading →

When a Dream Dies

Six years ago this week I was in Rochester, Minnesota at the world-famous Mayo Clinic, not as a patient, but as a member of their External Advisory Board for their Social Media Network. I remember being asked to join the board in 2013 and being filled with excitement. It was a professional dream come true... Continue Reading →

Books I love

I hate chain letters. Remember the chain letters of our childhood? Copy this letter and send it to seven friends or else you will break the spell... Rubbish. Even for me who believes in magical thinking. I just couldn’t believe that if I didn’t participate by bothering my friends and adding guilt to them, I... Continue Reading →

The power of listening

So... did you miss me? I took a couple of days break from this Blogtober business. After posting for 17 days straight, on Friday I woke up feeling like I had nothing to say. Nothing to write. Nothing to say. That’s a weird state for me. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I... Continue Reading →

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