Navigating My Way


I try to post on this blog once a week. And usually something happens in my life that I can turn into a blog post fairly easily. But I’ve struggled for the past two weeks.

My energy wasn’t there.

I started posts and then didn’t finish them.

I broke my toe two weeks ago and haven’t been walking in nature as much and receiving inspiration whilst walking.

I was too busy working on my new business.

Hmm… these all sound (and feel) like excuses to me. So I sat down and meditated on what was going on internally. One word flashed through my head, as big and as bright as the huge HOLLYWOOD sign…

My internal sign was DOUBT.

I realised everything I have done or haven’t done in the past two weeks, has been encased in DOUBT. Self-doubt, to be exact.

And I’ve been listening to it.

There’s nothing like starting a new venture to get the inspiration and excitement flowing. And I am super excited about my new business, Navigate Life. I’m combining much of what I’ve learned over the past few years and starting a business to help others find their direction in life through life coaching, empowerment retreats and reiki sessions.

But there is also nothing like starting a new venture to get the Doubt Monsters in your head talking to you in overdrive. At least that’s what they’ve been doing to me.

Some of their mantra is:

Why do you think you can start another new business? You started one a year ago and that made a financial loss last year. Who will pay you for life coaching? How will you ever pay your rent, let alone make money? You are in the middle of a divorce. Is this really the time to open another business? Who do you think you are that you are qualified to do this? And so on.

It’s difficult, but I have learned to embrace those Doubt Monsters. I realise that everyone has doubt when starting a new venture, no matter what it is. And I know what I’m doing is exactly what I should be doing at this moment with my life. How do I know? Because I’m listening to my Intuition which, luckily for me, drowns out the Doubt Monsters, even when they start shouting loudly.

I have followed my intuition at every step of this journey so far to create this new business. I was led to have a Reiki session two years ago with an amazing woman who has since become my Reiki teacher and who has also taught me so much more that I take with me every day about feminine power and healing energy.

I listened to my intuition when it told me to run an empowerment retreat for women last October. By listening and following my intuition that ran successfully and has led me to build a tribe of many other amazing women who are supporting each other and building each other up.

The retreat made me think about qualifications and that led me to following my intuition to enrolling in a holistic life coaching program with Alan Cohen. I began the course in January and later that month went to Hawaii for a five day intensive training to support the six month training that is delivered via teleseminar. The intensive training was one of the most difficult weeks of my life emotionally, mentally and spiritually, but also one of the best. I have met beautiful, incredible people who intuitively I know are important for the next stage of my journey.

I came home from Hawaii, was intuitively led to find a space at the Canberra Psychic Centre to use for my practice and my new business, Navigate Life was born.

I’ve been coaching for the past month and love it. It just feels right and the feedback I’ve received from my clients attest to this. One told me that I have definitely found my life purpose. To hear that from someone else both amazed and humbled me. But I have to agree. And that’s what my Intuition says too.

A wonderful friend volunteered to build my Navigate Life website and I accepted gratefully. She’s done a lovely job (you can check it out yourself at but for the past week, I’ve had the Doubt Monsters take up residence in my head again. I’m struggling to get Google to verify the site (without verification no one will be able to google me) and get my email set up correctly. I’ve been using this as an excuse to not blog about the site or tell anyone about my business.

So again, when I recognised the sound of the Doubt Monsters, I looked further inside for the truth.  I realised I’ve been keeping the site under wraps because I’m worried about the reception that I will receive from people who really only know me for my old life. The one where I was a strong, confident business woman working in the communications field for the past 25 years. The one who is a social media expert. The one who left her job last year to build one business, only to do a complete turn around and throw her energy into what she really loves, a business that many people may find flaky or alternative.

And I heard myself asking a question I asked a life coaching client last week. “What evidence has the Universe given you that it loves you and supports you in this endeavour?”

I had to laugh. The Universe has shown me time and time again how much I am loved. And keeps showing me time and time again that I’m doing the right thing by following my heart. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. My life is lovelier than it’s ever been. I have beautiful people in my life who love and support me all over the world. And I realise if people from my old life don’t support me for being me, then they aren’t people I want to be in my life now and going forward.

Somehow, every month, the rent gets paid. I have time to spend with my wonderful daughters and work on continuing our great relationships. And I can focus my energy into building this new business and seeing where it takes me.

I know those Doubt Monsters are always going to be there. It’s my job to be sure to listen to my Intuition over the Doubt Monsters if I am to navigate my best, boldest, most authentic life. And that’s what I really want.

3 thoughts on “Navigating My Way

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  1. Dear Lisa

    Talking of guilt – I feel so bad as I still have that book you so kindly lent me some time ago – when Wiki

    was staying with you.

    Would you please mind sending me your address and I will drop it off in your letterbox.

    I have to admit – I did enjoy reading it – and interestingly my daughter gave it to me for Xmas so

    I do have my own copy.

    Sincere apologies – and all the best with your new venture.





    1. Hi Sue,
      Please don’t feel guilty! It’s absolutely fine. And how wonderful that you have your own copy. 🙂 I have sent you a text with my address. Hope to see you soon! Xx


  2. You go, Girl! You have a good way of acknowledging and learning from doubt and then walking past it. You can’t really connect with those who are led to seek your energy for help in their walk unless you’ve walked through the fire yourself. But you haven’t let the heat scare you off your path. Anyone who is consciously growing has doubt. Constantly we judge, cross-examine, question ourselves. Doubt is one of the birthing pains of that which Spirit is unfolding in the physical. AND AS USUAL your courage in giving voice to those doubts helps me recognize, embrace and [hopefully] walk past my own.


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