Can you hear the Universe laughing?

serious-universeAlmost five years ago a close friend of mine said to me, ‘You know, you’d make a great life coach.’ I looked at her with dismay and disgust and responded, ‘You have got to be fuckin’ kidding me. My life is a mess and who in their right mind would pay me to be a coach?’

She laughed and shrugged her shoulders and we went on to talk about other things that day.

I see now that the Universe was listening that day. I was so definitive about not being a life coach, definitive about the fact that my life was a mess, and really I was definitive about pretty much anything anyone asked me a question about.

Over the past five years, whenever I have been definitive about something, the Universe laughs in my face and shows me it has a true sense of humour. Usually through humour, it shows me a different way to do something or think about something. Instead of life being black and white, I’ve learned a LOT about grey.

It’s a fun and interesting way to look at life; through a humorous lens. It’s more fun than being definitive and set in my ways that’s for sure.

As I’ve changed my life over the past few years, I have constantly asked the Universe for love and laughter. And even though at times it’s been difficult, I’ve always known that I am loved and something has always shown up at the right minute that has made me laugh.

Today I had to laugh again. I began a new adventure. I had my first teleseminar for my (wait for it)… holistic life coaching course.

Yep, I’ve started a six month course through the Foundation of Holistic Life Coaching in Hawaii. The course is taught by author Alan Cohen ( and has 16 participants from around the world. I met the others today who come from across the US, India, Singapore and Canada, besides me in Australia and will meet up with all of them in Hawaii in a few weeks’ time for a face to face retreat.

I’ve been drawn to this course over so many others out there because of its’ holistic nature. It brings together physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and I love that there is plenty of time for practice coaching, mentoring and feedback.

I had homework to do before today’s teleseminar. One of the modules was about presence. That same presence that I wrote a blog post about less than two weeks ago. I had to laugh as I read the course materials which seamlessly integrated with the post that resonated with so many followers.

I’ve done so much work on myself in the past few years and through the Believing in Me retreat that I ran last October, I feel like I’m being pulled in this direction to take a leap of faith into coaching. But it is funny and I have to laugh at myself, given my reaction to my friend five years ago.

I think the Universe is always listening and looking for ways to help us. Fun ways are just as probable as hard ways, so why not be open to fun ways (even if sometimes you feel foolish)?

Last week I had friends visiting me at the beach. One of my dear friends breaks into song spontaneously whenever the urge takes her. It’s hilarious and lovely at the same time. If she can’t think of a song that is appropriate for the situation, she’ll make one up. We started talking about singing and I explained that I don’t sing. She couldn’t understand this. Why don’t I sing?

It all goes back to high school when my drama teacher told me I sang like a cow and I should just mouth the words to a song. I was so ashamed in front of my classmates, I decided I wouldn’t sing again publicly and haven’t since. I even mouthed the words to the hymns sung at my own wedding.

Fast forward a number of years to just after my marriage broke down. Whilst having a Reiki session, my throat chakra rebelled – my Reiki teacher remarked on it after the session and we both put it down to the fact that I hadn’t spoken my truth for many many years. She suggested I sing, even if it was in the shower or in the car to try to get the energy flowing through that area. I did start to sing (when I was on my own, mind) and as I healed and started to speak my truth, I ended up with laryngitis three times in six months.

Coincidence? I think not.

I think it was the Universe having a bit of fun with me. For so many years, I didn’t speak out. Once I started to, I lost my voice, literally. I had to laugh.

This new year I started thinking about new creative outlets and things I’d like to try in 2017. Singing lessons was top of the list. But I didn’t mention it to anyone except the singing sensation friend who was visiting. I didn’t look up singing teachers or lessons online. I didn’t do anything except mention it once out loud.

It seems that’s all I need to do these days.

Last night when I got on Facebook, a sponsored post came up for a singing workshop to be held in Canberra in March. WTF? It’s got to be the Universe having a laugh at me again. Telling me to get off my backside and do something about singing. So I guess I’ll be signing up. And I’ll be laughing the whole time I do so.

3 thoughts on “Can you hear the Universe laughing?

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  1. I love this, Lisa. It feels like another take on: laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Nuff said. The Universe has its laugh, and so should we!!


  2. my music teacher in grade 2 told me the same thing…. I still never sing in front of people. it is sad what children are told…. and how they internalize it (along with the hurt and shame).


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