Trusting in the Moment

reg meditatingI am fortunate enough to have access to a beach house at my favourite beach in the world.  I love nothing more than getting up in the morning and heading out for a long walk along the beach with my dog, Reg.  Usually halfway down the beach, Reg and I sit and stare at the waves of the Pacific Ocean, watching the sun rise over the ocean, and we meditate.

Well at least I meditate. I’m not sure what Reg does, but often he looks like he’s meditating too. He lays at my feet perfectly still and contemplates life.

My favourite mantra meditation at the moment is one about trust. Trusting the Universe. Trusting Myself. Trusting that this moment is exactly as it should be, because every moment is perfect and has led me to this moment.

The more I use this meditation each morning, the more I believe in the power of Trust. When I let go and trust in the Universe, the best opportunities come my way. When I trust in myself, I have the strength and courage to take up those opportunities. And when I trust that each moment is perfect, then I know that what has gone before has led me to what I need now and I will continue to be guided to the right things at the right moments. I will meet exactly the people I need to meet when I need to. I will do the right things when I am meant to. The right tools and skills and experiences that I have gained throughout my lifetime have built me into who I am today and have prepared me for THIS moment. Not a moment last year or one next month, but this one.

This morning as we sat, I watched the waves come in. Some waves are bigger than others but no matter what, they keep coming. I can trust that whether I go to the beach this morning, or tomorrow or next year, the waves will continually come in.

Much like life.

I trust that things will continue to come my way. Some things will be bigger than others and may try to knock me down. Others might be more gentle. But I have to trust, really believe, that I will be able to meet each moment head on.

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