emerging-enlightenment-1540912On Thursday I finished up at a job I’ve held for the past eight years. It was a good job. I enjoyed parts of it very much and I made some wonderful friends and colleagues around the world, many of whom will be in my life for many years to come. But parts of the job required me to forget who I was at heart. And I didn’t like that. So after many years and much thought and angst, I resigned.

Last week was our annual conference which I organise and run. It was lovely to be able to say good bye to so many people in our sector and be able to tell them what I’m planning to do next. It was delightful to be honoured by them last Tuesday night and have so many of them wish me well. I have decided to open my own consulting business and the conference was also a chance to meet with several potential new clients.

I returned home and have had the Easter four day weekend to rest and recover. It just felt right to sleep a lot, eat well, take long walks in the autumn sunshine and spend time with my children. I didn’t worry or think about last week or about next week. I just took the four days to be in the moment.  And to transition from one working life to another.

Despite being raised in a Christian household, I am more a spiritual seeker, as at home talking about the Tao Te Ching as the Bible. But I had enough years of attending Easter services to know that Easter IS a time of transition. A transition from one season to another, a time of rebirth, a time of change and it seems fitting that my transition from company employee to business owner has also taken place this weekend.

Although I had many job leads and have sent out a few quotes for new business, I didn’t have any definitive clients signed up as I finished my former job on Thursday afternoon. I did however trust that I am looked after. That the right business will come. That my Divine safety net will be there for me and my business, much as it has been there for me in my personal life over the past few months.

And early this evening, I received my first signed quote from a client. I start work for them on Wednesday. How wonderful is that? I trust that others will follow. That my business will unfold as it is meant to. The right clients will find me. And this new chapter of my life is just beginning.

All I have to do is trust.

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