Happy Birthday

birthday-cake-1184958-639x482Two years ago today I woke up and thought, “I can’t be living this life when I turn 50.”

And that was the moment that my life started to shift.

Slowly at first. Then more rapidly. And now, shifts are happening daily, if not many times a day.

I was stuck two years ago. Stuck in a life that didn’t feel like me. I felt I wasn’t living a life that was true to myself and I decided that I needed to change.

In the past two years, I HAVE changed — my attitudes, my beliefs, my lifestyle and more tangible things like my home and I’m even in the process of changing my job.

But the biggest change is that I now believe in me.

For many reasons and for many years, I didn’t believe in myself. And now, for many reasons, I do. So that’s what this blog is dedicated to — believing in me.

No one else has to believe in me. But to have the life I want and deserve, I have to back myself and face my fears. I have to be true to me. And I want to enjoy the journey because life’s just too short not to.

I hope reading about my journey will inspire others to believe in themselves and take the first step towards finding their true self. Believe in yourself. I am believing in me.

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